Ag & Machine Tuning Specialists

Border Tuning specialises in Ag and Machinery Remapping.
Tractors, Headers, Trucks, Loaders and sprayers are just some of what we tune.

What is our difference?

We are Master Tuners

We possess in-depth expertise in understanding the intricacies of combustion engines and electronic fuel injection systems.

With our team of experienced professionals, we develop custom tunes and solutions, delivering on-the-spot support and comprehensive technical know-how.

By writing our own tunes, we ensure complete control over the optimisation process. We are fully aware of the ways you use your machinery and the rationale behind them, eliminating the need for third-party involvement to relay information to you.

Are you seeking a reliable local expert to provide innovative solutions or rectify issues left behind by others?

Our Story

Expertise born from a genuine connection to the local farming community and an engineering background sets us apart.
With over a decade of experience, we offer a wide range of professional tuning services for combustion engines, from cars to trucks, machinery, and agricultural equipment.
Our in-house knowledge gives us an edge in troubleshooting and getting the job done right.
We take pride in being called upon when others can’t provide a solution or deliver satisfactory results.
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Reduce Operational Costs

Remapping reduces labor costs by increasing ground speeds and yields fuel savings through enhanced engine efficiency. Maximize performance and minimize operational expenses.

Increase Power & Torque

More power and torque means less load on the engine for the same work. This allows for cooler operation and better fuel economy or faster working/processing rates saving labour.

Fast EGR, Adblue & DPF Solutions

Experience cost-effective and reliable solutions for DPF, Adblue, and EGR issues. Avoid expensive repairs, reduce downtime, and eliminate future failures with our specialised alternatives.

What is Remapping?

What is Remapping?

Unlock the full potential of your vehicle through our expert remapping services.
Remapping involves modifying the parameters stored in your vehicle’s factory ECU, allowing us to optimise performance and efficiency.
Experience the difference today.

How does remapping work?

How Does It Work?

Experience the power of our meticulous remapping process. We begin by securely backing up your ECU’s calibration, ensuring the ability to restore factory settings if necessary. Next, we customise the calibration to meet your equipment’s specific needs, incorporating enhancements like increased power, torque, and solutions for Adblue, EGR, DPF, and more. Once the modifications are seamlessly written back to the ECU, you’ll enjoy optimised performance.

Is remapping safe?

Is Remapping Safe?

Ensuring the safety of remapping is paramount, and it depends on the expertise of the tuner. We understand the risks involved and have years of experience in engine calibration, allowing us to provide reliable solutions. Manufacturers often modify ECU calibrations to offer different power levels while keeping the mechanical components the same. We have the ability to match higher-power models by adjusting the ECU calibration safely. Modern ECUs are highly sophisticated and enable us to increase power and torque while maintaining the factory safeguards. Our priority is the safety and longevity of your equipment.
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What do we change?

What Do We Change?

Unlock the true power and torque potential of your vehicle through our expert tuning services. We utilize a wide range of parameters within the calibration to optimize performance. These include torque limiters and targets, injected fuel quantity, fuel rail pressure, and boost pressure targets. Our precise adjustments ensure an increase in power and torque while maintaining engine reliability.
Experience the difference in performance and unleash your vehicle’s full potential with our expert tuning solutions.

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