We are Master Tuners

There are predominately two types of tuners.


A Master tuner has the knowledge and tools to modify/create a solution.

  • Usually has intimate knowledge of engine operational theory
  • Most of the time Masters work remote, providing solutions to a group of slaves, not typically ‘on the tools’
  • Potentially faster tuning times
  • Local, on the spot support
  • Should have the ability to answer technical questions


A Slave Tuner relies on a Master Tuner to create solutions that they can then write to equipment.

  • Typically has minimal tuning knowledge
  • Usually a product that is offered on the side of their main expertise
  • Relies on their Master for support
  • Due to the back and forth the tuning process can take longer
  • Support process has an extra step causing potential delay

What Does This Mean For You?

Border Tuning can/will:

– Provide local technical support

– Tailor a solution to suit you and your equipment

– Answer technical questions on the spot

– On the fly thinking and problem solving

– Provide fast turn around times

Our Story

Our deep-rooted connection to the local farming community fuels our passion for what we do. Combined with our engineering background, we possess the perfect blend of heart and intellect.

Since 2012, we have been offering professional tuning services, accumulating over a decade of valuable experience. Our extensive range of technical expertise covers the tuning of various combustion engines, including cars, trucks, machinery, agricultural equipment, as well as the repair and refurbishment of electronic equipment. Our in-house knowledge of engine management and integrated devices gives us a competitive edge, enabling us to troubleshoot effectively and ensure successful outcomes.

We take great pride in being the trusted experts called upon when others are unable to provide a solution or deliver a satisfactory job. Throughout the years, we have frequently been approached to rectify the mistakes made by others. It is disconcerting and disheartening to witness the prevalence of subpar solutions implemented by individuals who should possess better understanding. If you are seeking to get it right the first time or require assistance in cleaning up after someone else’s missteps, we are here to help.

No matter the challenge, we are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions that will put you back on track.
Contact us today and let us demonstrate our commitment to your success.