How it works

Reduce Operational Costs

Embracing the advantages of remapping not only enhances the performance of your equipment but also delivers substantial cost savings in your operations. Here’s how:

  1. Increased Ground Speeds and Reduced Labor Costs: By gaining more power through remapping, your machinery can operate at higher ground speeds, allowing tasks to be completed in less time. This increase in productivity translates to reduced labor costs as fewer man-hours are required to accomplish the same workload. The improved efficiency and optimised power output enable your team to work more efficiently, maximising output while minimising labor expenses.
  2. Enhanced Engine Efficiency and Fuel Savings: Remapping optimizes the engine’s performance, ensuring it operates at its most efficient state. This means that even while maintaining the same ground or processing speeds as before, your equipment consumes less fuel. The fine-tuning of parameters such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and torque delivery results in improved combustion and reduced energy waste. The end result is significant fuel savings, contributing to lower operational costs over the long term.

By investing in remapping, you unlock the potential to streamline your operations while achieving substantial cost reductions. Not only do you benefit from increased productivity and reduced labor expenses, but you also enjoy ongoing savings through improved engine efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Embrace the power of remapping to optimise your equipment’s performance and drive down operational costs effectively.

Increase Power and Torque

Remapping empowers your equipment with increased power and torque, leading to several significant benefits. Here’s how it works:

  1. Reduced Engine Load and Cooler Operation: With more power and torque at your disposal, the engine can handle the same workload with greater ease. This results in reduced strain on the engine, as it doesn’t have to work as hard to achieve the desired performance. The decreased load leads to cooler operation, reducing the risk of overheating and prolonging the lifespan of critical engine components. Cooler operation also enhances overall system reliability and minimises the chances of breakdowns or costly repairs.
  2. Improved Fuel Economy: When your engine operates more efficiently with increased power and torque, it can accomplish the same work using less fuel. The optimised calibration and fine-tuning provided by remapping maximise the fuel-to-power ratio, resulting in improved fuel economy. This translates to cost savings over time as you spend less on fuel to achieve the desired performance levels. The enhanced fuel efficiency contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation as well.
  3. Faster Working/Processing Rates and Labor Savings: With the increased power and torque, your equipment can handle tasks more efficiently, resulting in faster working or processing rates. This translates to improved productivity and reduced labor requirements. Tasks can be completed in less time, allowing you to take on more work or allocate your resources more effectively. The labor savings can have a significant impact on overall operational costs, optimising your profitability.

By harnessing the power of remapping, you unlock the potential for increased power and torque, which in turn reduces engine load, improves fuel economy, and enables faster working or processing rates. Experience the benefits of enhanced performance, improved efficiency, and cost savings by embracing remapping for your equipment.

Fast Adblue, DPF and EGR Solutions

If you’re faced with the need to replace a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) or Adblue module, we have the perfect solutions for you. Our expertise allows us to offer cost-effective alternatives that eliminate the need for expensive repairs or replacements.

Our solutions are designed to address and resolve issues related to DPF, Adblue, and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems. By implementing our specialised techniques, we can resolve these problems, providing a reliable and efficient operation for your equipment.

The benefits of choosing our solutions are manifold. Firstly, our alternatives come at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional repair or replacement options. This translates into significant cost savings for you without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the solution.

Secondly, our solutions ensure shorter lead times, minimising the downtime of your equipment. We understand the importance of keeping your machinery operational and strive to provide efficient and timely services that get you back on track swiftly.

Moreover, by opting for our solutions, you eliminate the potential for future failures that may arise with conventional repair methods. We address the underlying issues comprehensively, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Choose our specialised solutions to overcome DPF, Adblue, and EGR challenges efficiently and economically. Experience the benefits of cost savings, reduced downtime, and a reliable equipment performance that lasts.

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What is Remapping/Tuning?

Remapping involves the modification of parameters stored in the original ECU (Engine Control Module) of a vehicle or equipment.

By utilising the factory ECU, we perform tuning/modifications that essentially remaps the vehicle. This process enables us to optimise its performance and efficiency or modify ancillary devices according to your specific requirements.

In addition to remapping, we also provide plug-and-play power-up solutions for those who may not be inclined towards traditional remapping methods. These alternative options allow for increased power and performance without the need for ECU modifications.

Our team is experienced in both remapping and plug-and-play solutions, ensuring that we can cater to your individual preferences and deliver the desired enhancements for your vehicle’s/equipment’s performance.

How Does it Work?

Our remapping process begins by carefully extracting and storing a backup of the ECU’s calibration. This backup ensures that we can always revert to factory defaults if needed, providing you with peace of mind.

With the calibration in hand, we skilfully customise it to align with the specific requirements of your equipment. Enhancements such as increased power and torque, Adblue optimisation, EGR solutions, DPF solutions, and more are seamlessly integrated into the file. Finally, the modified calibration is written back to the ECU, unlocking the full potential of your vehicle/equipment.

In the rare event that your equipment undergoes an ECU update by a dealer or mechanic, we can effortlessly restore your custom solutions once their work is completed. Our seamless process ensures that your desired modifications remain intact, even through any external updates.

Experience the seamless power and performance enhancements we offer through our meticulous remapping process. Trust in our expertise to optimise your equipment according to your unique needs.

What Do We Change?

When it comes to tuning for enhanced power and torque, we have access to a multitude of parameters within the calibration. Similar to manufacturers, we fine-tune these key factors to unleash the maximum potential of your vehicle. Some of the crucial parameters we adjust include:

  • Torque limiters and targets: We optimise the torque output by adjusting the limiters and targets, allowing your vehicle to deliver greater force and performance.
  • Injected fuel quantity: By precisely calibrating the injected fuel quantity, we ensure optimal combustion and power delivery, resulting in improved overall performance.
  • Fuel rail pressure: We fine-tune the fuel rail pressure to achieve the ideal balance between power, efficiency, and engine response, maximizing your vehicle’s performance capabilities.
  • Boost pressure targets: We meticulously optimize the boost pressure targets, fine-tuning the turbocharger system to generate increased pressure and boost levels for enhanced power and acceleration.
  • Various sensor slopes and tables for Adblue, DPF and EGR solutions.

Our expertise lies in understanding and manipulating these parameters to achieve the desired power and torque improvements while maintaining the reliability and integrity of your engine. With our tuning services, you can experience a substantial increase in performance, allowing your vehicle to reach its full potential.

Is Remapping Safe?

The safety of remapping largely depends on the expertise of the tuner. If a tuner lacks understanding and knowledge, there is a risk of pushing a machine beyond its limits. That’s why it is crucial to choose a tuner who comprehends the intricacies of the process and understands the capabilities of the equipment.

With our extensive experience in engine calibration, we possess a deep understanding of our own limitations as well as those of the machinery we work on. This knowledge empowers us to provide reliable and safe solutions to our valued customers.

Manufacturers often utilise the same ECU and engines across multiple models, varying only the ECU calibration to adjust power levels. They charge higher prices for different power tiers, even though the mechanical components remain unchanged. Similarly, we have the capability to modify the ECU calibration of a lower-output power plant to match that of a higher model, while ensuring that power and torque outputs remain within the design limits of the engine. This flexibility applies not only within the same series of equipment but also across different brands and equipment types.

Modern ECUs are sophisticated pieces of engineering, incorporating advanced monitoring and control systems. These systems allow us to safely increase power and torque outputs while retaining the factory safeguards. In the event of a fault, the original factory systems remain intact, providing protection for your valuable equipment.

At our core, we prioritise the safety and reliability of your machinery. Our expertise, coupled with the advanced capabilities of modern ECUs, enables us to enhance performance while maintaining the integrity and longevity of your equipment.

Plug and Play Solutions

If remapping is not your preferred option, we offer plug and play tuning solutions that provide an alternative approach. Our plug and play solution involves the installation of a module between the ECU and key sensors and actuators like MAP, TPS, and Injectors. This module modifies the signals transmitted by the ECU, enabling the desired performance improvements.

While plug and play solutions offer convenience and ease of installation, it’s important to note that they have limitations. One drawback is that we are unable to implement our specialised solutions for DPF, Adblue/SCR, or EGR systems using plug and play modules. These particular enhancements require the comprehensive adjustments provided by an ECU remap.

Despite this limitation, our plug and play solutions still offer significant benefits. They provide an efficient and non-invasive method to enhance the performance of your equipment without the need for extensive modifications. Additionally, the plug and play approach allows for easy removal or transferability if needed in the future.

Whether you choose remapping or our plug and play solutions, we have the expertise and options to cater to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss the best tuning solution for your equipment and unlock its true potential.